A facility licensed by the Saudi Commission for Residents Accredited "Assessment" number 11000191

We work with knowledge

We work in the company according to clear and specific bases for guaranteeing the highest accuracy in the valuation processes.
Therefore, we form an integrated teamwork for each project or customer separately so that there is a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements and needs and its objectives

The Kingdom of gratitude lives a pivotal historical phase that launched after inaugurating the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. Most of the different investment fields witnesses a qualitative transformation as the real estate sector has taken the greatest share of such transformation, based on the innovative initiatives that is embodied in the vision and the national transformation program 2020. This has been positively reflected in one of the strategic areas in the real estate sector which is valuation and appraisal.

Knowledge & Experience

Our vision
Introducing a new concept of real estate valuation, based on scientific methods and ethical values, and providing a variety of solutions that meet the needs of the client.

Our message
Providing high quality and accurate and readable appraisal and valuation services for the market inputs according to the highest local and international standards.

Our valuation

The teamwork consists of experts in the field of real estate valuation; highly aware of the market situation and updates in the manner that qualify them for the provision of accurate and judicious reports, based on scientific facts and long-term practical experience in thi ... more

Real Estate Valuation

The process of determining the fair market value of real estate or economic establishments of all types to benefit thereof for specific objective and period. The market value (according to the international valuation standards) shall be: the estimated value upon which th ... more

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A facility licensed by the Saudi Commission for Residents Accredited "Assessment" number 11000191
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